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We offer an experienced team with solid skills in the analysis and design of pay and grading structures and the development of strategically guided actions to foster genuine equality, diversity and inclusion for minority ethnic staff.

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The IDR Ethnicity Pay Gaps team brings together pay specialists with experts in equality, diversity and inclusion. We will work with you to identify the factors underlying ethnicity pay gaps and, therefore, the barriers to equality, diversity and inclusion for minority ethnic employees.

IDR staff are experienced in the analysis, design and structuring of pay systems. We have worked with leading companies in calculating and analysing pay gaps. We have detailed knowledge of pay and progression systems across the private and public sectors.

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Ethnicity pay gaps consultancy

Why choose IDR?

Following the public consultation that ended in early 2019, the Government may introduce legislation on reporting of ethnicity pay gaps. In anticipation of this, many organisations have begun to calculate their ethnicity pay gaps as a first step in highlighting potential issues and taking relevant actions to reduce inequalities among staff. Furthermore, the global Black Lives Matter movement has pushed the issue of ethnicity/race pay gaps – not to mention broader issues of equality, diversity and inclusion – higher up the HR agenda. IDR can support your efforts to understand the factors underlying ethnicity pay gaps in your organisation.

Employers should consider both the direct and indirect benefits available to them by reviewing their ethnicity pay gaps. Customers, staff, and suppliers must see employers foster genuine diversity, equality, and inclusion. This requires having a strategy for identifying, analysing, and reducing ethnicity pay gaps at all levels.

Who are our people?

The IDR Ethnicity Pay Gaps team brings together pay specialists with experts in equality, diversity and inclusion


Ken Mulkearn

Ken Mulkearn is the Director of Research at Incomes Data Research. He has led a range of research projects for clients such as the Low Pay Commission, the Office for Manpower Economics and employers in the private and public services. Prior to setting up IDR, he was Head of Pay and Research at Incomes Data Services (IDS), where he led the Pay & Reward, Executive Compensation, and Research Services teams. He was Editor of the monthly IDS Pay Report and a range of specialist sector reports. Ken has written and spoken on pay gaps and the distribution of reward to a wide range of audiences on all sides of the employment relationship.

Dr Kenisha Linton

Dr Kenisha Linton is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Greenwich. She obtained her PhD in Management at Royal Holloway, University of London. Kenisha’s research examines the experiences of women and minority ethnic employees in various organisational contexts, such as the police service, NHS and the UK civil service. Her work promotes a context-based approach to understanding and managing equality, diversity and inclusion at work. Kenisha also conducts research on the experiences and outcomes of minority ethnic students and staff in UK higher education institutions.

Dr Leroi Henry

Dr Leroi Henry is Senior Lecturer at the University of Greenwich. Since completing his PhD on the relationship between ethnic identity, entrepreneurialism and collective action, he has established a track record of research, consultancy and publication on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace related to ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender and sexuality. He had also conducted research on employee wellbeing and restructuring. His work has focused on the public sector (NHS, local government and central government), the private sector (care work, cleaning, catering and football clubs), trades unions and higher education.

There is no 'one size fits all' solution when looking at inequalities in the workplace, and the issues involved can be complex and even daunting. By partnering with IDR and our associates, you will be working with professional experts in diversity, equality and inclusion, and pay and reward to ensure that the approach to reducing and eliminating workplace inequalities is based on evidence and is effective. You can undertake the process in phases to ensure that it is affordable for you. Our prices are bespoke for you, ensuring you only pay the most reasonable price for the analysis and solutions required.