09 Jun 2021

Sick pay, wellbeing and health benefits


This report is based on two surveys conducted by IDR in 2020. The first, launched in June 2020 during the first UK peak of the coronavirus pandemic, asked employers about their sick pay provision and policies and received responses from 72 organisations. The second looked at a wide range of health and wellbeing-related benefits; this was conducted in October and received 76 responses.

This report covers:

·        Statutory sick pay

·        Enhanced or company sick pay

·        Sick pay entitlement by service

·        Waiting days

·        Absence monitoring

·        Wellbeing initiatives

·        Health-related employee benefits

This report serves as an overview of this area of employment and is well suited for anyone looking to review their current benefits offering. 

If you have any further questions about the research in this report, please contact the office on +44(0)1702 669549.


IDR also provides consultancy services on all topics mentioned within this report, therefore, if you require something more detailed or tailored to your situation, please call the IDR team on 01702 669549.