Louisa Withers | 03 Feb 2020

Apprentice salary data now available in Pay Benchmarker

As part of the ‘spring clean’ of our online salary benchmarking tool, Pay Benchmarker, we have introduced some new job categories, including apprentices. Our research in the summer showed that degree-level apprenticeships have been increasing in popularity with employers since they were introduced in 2017, and as a result pay for these positions has risen sharply.

Given growth in demand for these roles, we now include salary data in Pay Benchmarker for apprentices at 'Intermediate', 'Advanced', 'Higher' and 'Degree' level. There are 108 apprentice salary records in total, providing a sufficient sample for users to drill down by sector or region.

The salary records relate to apprentice pay on commencement of an apprenticeship scheme and show that the start rate for an apprentice at intermediate level is £13,397 and at advanced level it is £13,719. Higher-level apprentice pay is typically £16,576, while degree-level apprentices are recruited on a median salary of £17,875.