Katie Hazlewood | 05 Oct 2021

Open research from IDR

Play your part in building the picture on pay and reward

We have lots of research in the field at the moment as we try to gather as much information as possible on important HR topics. We invite you to take part in all our research and in return we provide participant summaries that give you valuable insights into each survey area.

Short poll - movements in pay rates for drivers

This brief survey is being undertaken by Incomes Data Research (IDR), an independent pay research organisation, to monitor the latest developments in pay rates for drivers and warehouse staff. 

Participants in this survey will receive a free summary of the analysis as a 'thank you' for taking part in our research.

Before you begin, please read the following important notes:

  • you can complete the survey in more than one session by clicking 'save and continue' at the bottom of the page
  • you can also print the survey and/or your responses if you wish to review offline by going to the end of the survey and selecting 'print response'
  • please complete the survey as fully as possible
  • this survey closes at 5pm on Friday 15 October.

IDR Redundancy Survey 2021

As furlough comes to an end, and with the changes to working practices the pandemic has entailed, many employers will have contemplated a restructure of their workforce. And even those that have come through the pandemic unscathed may have implemented organisational changes that have necessitated job losses. This anonymous survey sets out to understand the levels of redundancies made in the past two years (including those not attributable to the pandemic) and the extent to which organisations improve on the statutory severance terms. 

Please note, all responses will be treated in confidence. We will publish a list of participants but no information will be directly attributable to specific respondents. As a 'thank you' for your involvement, we will send you a summary of the survey findings once they have been published.

Annual pay reviews

You can support our research by completing this survey and providing information on your firm’s latest pay rise or pay freeze. The survey will take around five minutes to complete and the information you provide will be used to compile an analysis of pay reviews. The survey remains open continuously and is key to monitoring pay trends in the current economic climate.

If you have postponed your pay review please email zoewoolacott@incomesdataresearch.co.uk to set a future date to be reminded about this survey.