Louisa Withers | 30 May 2022

Pay for in-demand jobs: delivery drivers

In this series exploring pay for jobs in demand we look at market data for delivery drivers, covering van drivers and couriers with a Category B license.

Figures from IDR’s Pay Benchmaker show that the median salary for van drivers/couriers is £20,856 a year (or £10.17 an hour).

This is the national median, which excludes any additions to pay associated with London or other hot spots. However, the benchmarking tool is able to show variations in regional pay. For example, median salaries for each of Scotland, Wales and the East of England are broadly in line with the national average, while in London and surrounding areas employers generally pay an extra 50p an hour.

Interestingly, salaries in the North East for van drivers are also generally higher than the national median, with IDR market data showing a premium of 25p per hour over the national figure for the North East. Meanwhile typical pay levels for delivery drivers in Yorkshire and Humberside, the South West and the North West are between 10pph and 13pph higher than the national median. 

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