IDR | 08 Jul 2020

Pay planning for 2021

The pandemic and its economic effects make the need for reliable intelligence as an input to forward planning on pay more important than ever before. The latest IDR 'Pay Planning' survey looks ahead to the prospects for pay and reward in 2021, in a context for business that has been altered in many ways - by the impact of the virus and responses to it, but also by social movements such as ‘Black Lives Matters’ and a rise in labour activism. The survey is aimed at assessing both the direction and the extent of pay pressures, as well as identifying the main issues of concern for reward practitioners over the coming year. Key focuses for this year's questions include the impact of the pandemic on pay practices and insights into what will be guiding reward strategies into 2021 and beyond. The labour market will be a key context and the survey contains a number of questions on this, relating to staffing levels but also recruitment and retention. We have made the survey easier to complete and doing so should take no longer than 15 minutes. The results will provide a valuable resource for reward decision-makers when it comes to planning for pay in unprecedented times. We will share a summary of the results with all respondents, and participants will receive a reduction on the price of the full report. The survey will close on Friday 17 July.

Many thanks for your help with our research. If you have any questions regarding this survey, please do not hesitate to contact me