IDR | 16 Nov 2020

Play your part in building the picture on pay and reward

We have lots of research in the field at the moment as we try to gather as much information as possible on important HR topics. We invite you to take part in all our research and in return we provide participant summaries that give you valuable insights into each survey area.

Pay in a pandemic

Following the success of our 'what happens to pay in a pandemic?' series, Incomes Data Research (IDR) has been asked by the Office of Manpower Economics (OME) to examine how the coronavirus pandemic and associated UK recession is affecting employers' pay and reward strategies. 

The survey will remain open until 12pm Thursday 17 December 2020.

Health and safety in a pandemic

IDR is working with the University of Greenwich to survey the extent of good practice on the part of employers with respect to the involvement of employees and their representatives in addressing the H&S issues raised by Covid-19. The research is on behalf of the TUC which is seeking an evidence base to support its work with Government on a new H&S agenda in this era of coronaviruses and other pandemics. No individual organisations will be named in the report.

In highlighting good practice the methodology aims to ensure objective as well as subjective evidence of the impact of risk assessment and the role of health and safety reps. We very much hope you can take part in this important research before Friday 18 December 2020.

Data Scientists, Data Engineers and business intelligence roles

There is a growing need for meaningful data analysis and so this survey aims to understand what reward looks like for data analytics roles. This is the first of what we hope will become an annual survey and so as always your professional feedback is welcomed.

Participants of this survey will receive a free summary of the analysis as a 'thank you' for taking part in our research, as well as free access to an online research seminar presenting the findings of this study on the 20 January 2021. We will also be sharing the latest insights on our 'Pay in a Pandemic' research throughout the seminar; it's not one to miss.

This research closes on January 11th 2020.

Annual pay reviews

You can support our research by completing this survey and providing information on your firm’s latest pay rise or pay freeze. The survey will take around five minutes to complete and the information you provide will be used to compile an analysis of pay reviews. The survey remains open continuously and is key to monitoring pay trends in the current economic climate.

If you have postponed your pay review please email to set a future date to be reminded about this survey.


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