Katie Hazlewood | 22 Apr 2020

Don't forget about climate change - Earth day 2020

The current lockdown measures have undoubtedly allowed nature to breathe a little easier. The suspension of factories, reduction of air and motor traffic and cancellation of large events have all contributed to this. There have been reports indicating as much as a 40% fall in carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, reducing the risk of lung disease and asthma among many other health and environmental benefits.

Naturally, the current lockdown rules are extremely difficult for businesses where trade is conducted face-to-face. However, for those businesses where this is not essential, many are now starting to question whether these positive environmental gains will be sustainable? Will employers, employees and consumers consider making some of these largely enforced changes the norm? With many companies learning to successfully operate on a ‘working from home’ basis and conduct business remotely, will this begin a prolonged downward trend in emissions? Could the focus of policy makers and influencers shift from widening motorways to extending and speeding up broadband?

Earlier this year IDR conducted a survey looking at environmental issues in the workplace. Three quarters of respondents said green HR management issues were likely to increase as a priority this year. The current shift in the way we are conducting business has highlighted the importance of environmental changes within the workplace and the impact these changes could potentially have on society. Could these environmental considerations become widespread company policy and become part of a ‘new normal’?

About the report: The impact of climate change on HR

The IDR survey on the impact of climate change on HR practices and reward packages, conducted in February this year, received responses from 87 organisations employing 275,076 employees in total. The report provides an overview of the policies and practices employers have put in place in an effort to become more eco-friendly, including changes to organisational culture, working environments and reward. It also considers where the pressures to adopt these approaches are coming from.

The report will be published in May and you can pre-order below, for any further assistance please email Sales@incomesdataresearch.co.uk