Katie Hazlewood | 24 Mar 2020

Help your employees stay motivated while working from home

The spread of COVID-19 has had an enormous global impact on businesses, affecting everything from the availability of basic goods in supermarkets, to the ability of companies to carry out their usual day-to-day tasks. The impact is now being felt closer to home, with significant numbers of workers suddenly commuting no further than their kitchen table or spare bedroom. It can often be hard for employees to make the mental shift to such an arrangement and even those who have worked from home for some time may now have to become accustomed to sharing their space with housemates or family members. To support employers during this time of transition, IDR has put together a few useful tips for you to share with your employees to help them stay motivated, healthy and focused at this challenging time.

·        Set up a dedicated workspace

If possible, dedicate a specific area of your home for work. Try to remove as much clutter as possible and gather all the different stationery and work equipment you require for the day. Try to keep in mind good posture and the safety rules you would usually observe in the office environment. If possible do not work where you sleep, so as to help distinguish between work and home life.

·        Keep your workspace clean

Try to keep your work area clear and clean. If you have to eat at your desk, clean up after lunch and remember to use suitable anti-bacterial cleaning products to keep germs at bay.

·        Get some fresh air

Try to get outside every day and ideally without your phone. Exercise has been shown to be great for reducing stress and promoting general wellbeing. As social distancing rules tighten get some fresh air by simply opening the window or front door and take a moment to enjoy the view (give a neighbour a wave) and do some deep breathing.

·        ‘To do’ list

Make a ‘to do’ list to help organise your day. If, like many, you are a 'morning' person, focus on achieving two-thirds of your daily list before lunch time. Many people slow down in the afternoon and having the majority of your to do list complete by lunch time will give you the momentum to finish the remainder of the day.

·        Stay healthy

Stay hydrated, try to eat a healthy, balanced diet and try to complete a daily mile run or walk. These simple steps can help you feel happier, healthier and more productive. If government constraints mean exercising within the home, take a look at the many home workouts online.

·        Take regular breaks

Carry out small miscellaneous tasks, such as housework, to break up the day allowing you to carry out small bursts of work at a time. Make sure you carry on following advice such as giving your eyes a rest from screen time every 20 minutes.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you do not complete your to do list: some days are more productive than others. Take breaks, eat well and stay hydrated!