Katie Hazlewood | 06 Apr 2020

Help your employees stay productive and minimise stress

We are living in very unusual times. The way we work, live our lives, and how we interact with colleagues has significantly changed for many workers. This brings about challenges for maintaining performance at work, as well as general wellbeing. IDR provides a number of suggestions for you to share with your employees to help them stay productive whilst keeping stress levels as low as possible.

. Set up a daily ‘check in’ with colleagues

Social distancing does not mean no social contact, conversations are important for emotional wellbeing. Hold a ‘team huddle’ with your colleagues on a daily basis to set out goals for the working day or week and to make sure everyone is doing OK. This also gives the team the opportunity to discuss and resolve any problems jointly.

. Stay in touch throughout the day

Continue to have regular contact through the day. Talk to your colleagues through live chat, social media or on the telephone. Maintaining contact throughout the day will help to make life seem closer to ‘normal’... Try and discuss topics other than the current Covid-19 situation so as to not amplify each other’s worries.

. Set some personal goals

Think about and focus on “what are my personal goals”. Try to find some time (even if only a very small amount each day) to develop these. Focusing your mind on things which will benefit you and/or your company’s performance can help keep you focussed during the day.

. Keep a diary of your achievements

The idea of this exercise is to allow you to look back and see what you’ve achieved. Finally figured out that Excel formula? Ploughed through your ‘to do’ list? Come up with some creative marketing plans? With all the additional pressures the current situation brings, it may sometimes be easy to overlook the good things we have achieved.

. Focus on your physical wellbeing

Exercise, eating a balanced diet and getting plenty of sleep are always key to helping you stay physically and psychologically healthy during stressful times. Take a good long walk or get some fresh air where possible when stressed whilst obviously observing government restrictions.

. Switch off to avoid burn out

While it may be tempting to work long hours into the night and on your days off while working from home, burn out will ultimately mean being less productive, not more. Balancing work and home needs will often result in some compromise for your relaxation time so it is important that you turn your phone off and stop working at a set time every day. Maintaining a routine while in lockdown is a good way to stay positive.

. Join an online community

There are some great communities online, both established and emerging, such as a choir or online support groups. Friends are finding new ways of interacting with each other through online quizzes and virtual games. Online communities can give you a sense of togetherness and help you feel connected to others.

. Take the time to find an uplifting story everyday

With bad news being reported on a daily basis, it is more important than ever to read good news stories, we will be posting good news stories on our IDR social media platforms. These stories can have the power to lift your mood. Remember too that often social media news sites make most money by creating “click-bait” which sensationalises the news. Also remember that one day this will be over, and things will go back to normal.

And finally… at 8pm every Thursday open your windows and clap your hands to send a big thank you to all our key workers, especially those in the NHS.