Zoe Woolacott | 29 Jun 2022

Higher-end increases continue to dominate pay setting in 2022

The median pay award across the economy remains high, despite a slight dip from 3.7% in April to 3.6% in the three months to May 2022, according to the latest analysis from IDR. The upper quartile remains at 5.1% as the proportion of pay increases worth 4% or more continue to represent nearly half (47%) of all pay outcomes across the economy. The most common increase is 3%. Our latest analysis is based on a sample of pay awards effective between 1 March and 31 May 2022 covering over 1.1 million workers in total. Around one-in-ten of these received a pay rise in line with the 6.6% increase in the National Living Wage. The rise in the statutory floor has affected pay review outcomes in lower-paying parts of private services where the upper quartile remains high at 5.5%.

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