Louisa Withers | 11 Nov 2019

Voluntary living wage rises by 30p to £9.30

The recommended level of the voluntary living wage rose by 30p to £9.30 on 11 November for staff outside London. Inside London the new recommended rate is higher at £10.75 an hour, having previously been £10.55.

The living wage, as recommended by the Living Wage Foundation, is a voluntary measure of the minimum rate of pay to meet the cost of living the UK. It differs from the Government's National Living Wage, which is the statutory minimum wage for workers aged 25 and over. The statutory minimum for workers aged 25+ is currently £8.21 and is due to be uprated from 1 April 2020. The statutory regulations also set minimum wages for workers aged under 25 as follows: 24-21, £7.70; 20-18, £6.15, 17-16, £4.35.

IDR is currently undertaking a short poll on the impact of the voluntary living wage and if you are willing to take part click here.