Salary Level Data

Our team of dedicated researchers continually collect and analyse salary level data

IDR monitors salary levels in all regions and sectors of the UK economy. Our team of skilled researchers gather thousands of pieces of data each year directly from employers, covering 250 jobs across 27 job families.

Salary Level Data

Quickly filter thousands of salaries with Pay Benchmarker

Pay Benchmarker will help you to ensure you are paying the right level of salary necessary to recruit, retain and motivate staff in your sector and region. It brings together all of the data collected by IDR with user-friendly functionality.

Need help benchmarking pay?

There are times when organisations have a specific need for benchmarking, for example when recruiting for a new position. Here you can contact IDR with a job description, and we will provide salary data for the job(s) in question. We can offer basic pay but also include other pay and reward aspects if required.

Belong to a group of employers?

If your organisation has niche or highly specialist jobs, you may find a ‘pay club' more useful. Pay club members share pay and benefits data by way of a closed survey run by IDR. We design the survey, collect and check the data, and prepare the analysis and reporting. We have experience of running pay clubs in a number of sectors, including air transport, horticulture and hospitality. 

A bookshelf

Pay and benefits reports

For a fast and reliable catalogue of market data for your sector, purchase our 'off-the-shelf' salary reports, to combine salary data with IDR commentary and in-depth analysis.