22 Apr 2020

Impact of climate change on HR


This new report looks at the extent to which climate change already impacts HR practices and reward packages in areas such as employee benefits and workplace design and provides an overview of the initiatives employers have implemented in an effort to become more eco-friendly and promote environmental awareness within the workforce, as well as plans for future activities in this area.

It includes information from 87 firms across the UK, together employing more than 275,000 staff. ‘Green HR management’ has been moving up the agenda for many employers in the last few years and, when they can move on from managing the fall-out from the Coronavirus, businesses are likely to turn their attention once again to reducing the impact of their activities on the environment – perhaps by building on new homeworking practices as a starting point.

Expert commentary and analysis set us apart from other large consulting firms. We also collect our own data, which means we are in an excellent position to comment on significant trends in HR management, pay and reward.

The report is available now for order below. If you have any further questions about the research in this report or would like us to notify you when it is released, please contact us at sales@incomesdataresearch.co.uk