IDR is an independent research organisation specialising in the pay and employment field.

Our research covers pay, benefits, reward practice and HR policy. We provide HR professionals with information, data, analysis and tools to help them make intelligent reward decisions.

Our History

In 2014 we identified a gap in the market for independent research on pay and reward and IDR is committed to filling that gap. Since then we’ve delivered work for a wide range of clients and have a steadily growing subscriber base.

IDR History

Our People

Director Commercial Research

Louisa Withers

A pay and reward expert and project manager who leads on IDR's bespoke research and consultancy services.

Director Research and Editor-in-Chief

Ken Mulkearn

An experienced pay communicator and editor-in-chief who leads IDR’s internal research and networking.

Director Data and Technical Expert

Ray Storry

A technical expert in the pay and reward field and IDR’s data director.

Our Values

Our culture centres on the development of people, ideas and knowledge. We approach our work with independence and integrity and recognise a responsibility to run our business ethically and be socially responsible.

IDR Values



The Studio, The Old Gasworks,
43 Progress Road,


4th Floor,
Churchgate House,
56 Oxford St,
M1 6EU

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