IDR is an independent research organisation specialising in the pay and employment field

Our research covers pay, benefits, reward practice and HR policy. We provide HR professionals with information, data, analysis and tools to help them make intelligent reward decisions.

In 2014 we identified a gap in the market for independent research on pay and reward and IDR is committed to filling that gap. Since then, we have delivered work for a wide range of clients and have a steadily growing subscriber base.

Pay Benchmarker

Pay Benchmarker will help you to ensure you are paying the right level of salary necessary to recruit, retain and motivate staff in your sector and region. It brings together all of the data collected by IDR with user-friendly functionality.

Pay Climate

Pay Climate provides the latest picture on pay awards across all sectors of the economy to enable pay practitioners to accurately assess the current climate on pay. Gain our insights on the key trends and developments in pay.

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