Our Team

Our in-house team deliver research and analysis to a wide range of clients across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. We manage the whole process internally, from collecting data and producing analysis right through to client management and invoicing, which means we share excellent relationships with our clients and can be adaptable and responsive to their needs.

Director Commercial Research

Louisa Withers

A pay and reward expert and project manager who leads on IDR's bespoke research and consultancy services.

Director Research and Editor-in-Chief

Ken Mulkearn

An experienced pay communicator and editor-in-chief who leads IDR’s internal research and networking.

Director Data and Technical Expert

Ray Storry

A technical expert in the pay and reward field and IDR’s data director.

Sales and Finance Associate

Nicola Stangar

Our sales and customer liaison contact responsible for enquiries and sales opportunities.

Director Operations & Business Change

Paul Withers

An experienced Programme Manager who leads IDR’s project management practice, operations and commercial strategy. 

Marketing and Sales Associate

Katie Hazlewood

Our marketing officer responsible for spreading the word about IDR and introducing us to firms.

Senior Researcher

Katherine Heffernan

Our qualitative research specialist who leads on case studies and interviews. 

Senior Researcher

Zoe Woolacott

A senior pay researcher with responsibility for our pay awards monitoring and analysis. 

Researcher and Outbound Finance Associate

Patricia Potter

An experienced administrator responsible for IDR's financial monitoring, who also contributes to research projects. 

Research Assistant

Luca Sampson-Grimbly

A research assistant with responsibility for monitoring surveys and participant liaison, and IDR's monthly reporting on the labour market.