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End of the Road for Uber?

An article by Darren Newman, Employment law trainer, writer and consultant.

A guide to pay benchmarking

Pay benchmarking is used to obtain a view of the market salary for a job or group of jobs. Such exercises are used for recruitment to new roles, promotions or changes to roles, as part of planning ahead of a salary review.


Measures of price inflation (which act as proxies for the cost of living) remain an important input into wage-setting decisions.

Expansion in data analytics expected to continue in 2021

67% reported growth in data analytics staff numbers in 2020 and the same proportion expect the number of data analytic staff they employ to grow further in 2021.

Why employers should really care about ethnicity pay gaps

By Ken Mulkearn, Director of Research, IDR, Dr Leroi Henry, University of Greenwich and Dr Kenisha Linton, University of Greenwich

‘Green HR’ gains prominence

Climate change remains one of the key issues of our generation and responsibility falls on all of us to be more sustainable, including businesses. IDR’s 2020 survey on the impact of climate change on HR policy and practice received responses from 87 firms

Chancellor runs risks with rationale for public sector pay freeze

The Chancellor’s plans for renewed public sector pay restraint centre on a salary freeze for all apart from those paid below £24,000.