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Pay Climate 22 Editors Viewpoint

While the recession associated with the coronavirus has begun to affect pay reviews, it is still the case that results are relatively widely distributed.

Rate of decline in average weekly earnings slows

IDR's latest round up of official figures on average week earnings shows that the rate of decline in average weekly earnings slowed in July 2020, following steep falls in the previous three months.

September 2020 labour market update

IDR's analysis of the latest labour market statistics from the Office for National Statistics.

Clothing and petrol prices push inflation up

All three measures of inflation have risen in the year to July 2020, according to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics.

Redundancies double in new official figures

The latest labour market statistics show a sharp rise in the number of redundancies in the three months to August 2020, despite the Chancellor's job retention scheme. Meanwhile the employment rate continued to fall and unemployment to rise.

Modest upturn in earnings growth in August 2020

Annual growth in average earnings rose modestly in August 2020 as employees returned to work from furlough. This followed significant falls in the months since April when earnings were affected by lower pay for furloughed workers and by lower bonuses. Low

‘Green HR’ gains prominence

Climate change remains one of the key issues of our generation and responsibility falls on all of us to be more sustainable, including businesses. IDR’s 2020 survey on the impact of climate change on HR policy and practice received responses from 87 firms