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Graduate and Apprentice Pay 2021

This report provides you with a picture on pay for graduate and apprentice workers.

Pay in Call and Contact Centres 2021

IDR Pay in Call and Contact Centres provides you with a detailed picture of salaries, employment trends, absence levels and typical benefits for call centre staff.

COVID-19 impacts working patterns and recruitment for call centre staff

A survey carried out by Incomes Data Research in Spring 2021 highlights the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on pay and conditions in UK call centres.

Are labour shortages real and will they affect pay?

Here at IDR, we’re familiar with all sorts of strange jobs in our capacity as pay specialists, but we recently came across a new one.

Annual rate of earnings growth hits 7.3% across the economy

The annual rate of growth in average earnings was 7.3% in the three months to May 2021, compared to the three months to May 2020 on the total pay measure.

Non-UK employment hardest-hit by pandemic

Figures from the Labour Force Survey reveal that direct employment for UK-born workers grew overall during 2020, while self-employment for these workers appeared to bear the brunt of the effects of the pandemic and the associated economic slowdown.