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National Living wage

The National Living Wage (NLW), the statutory minimum hourly pay rate for all workers aged 23 and over, is analysed by IDR

Hybrid Working and Implications for Pay 2022

Putting home-working into practice on a longer-term, more formal basis presents certain key considerations for employers

Press coverage | LBC interview with Lisa Aziz

An interview with Ken Mulkearn discussing our latest research into pay awards was featured on LBC News

More higher-end rises push up median pay rise

The median pay rise across the UK has risen to 3.5%, according to the latest figures from Incomes Data Research (IDR).

Pay rises down 0.3 percentage points on last year

Employees have typically received pay rises worth 2.0% so far this year, down from a median pay award across the whole economy of 2.3% overall for 2020, according to the latest monitoring figures from Incomes Data Research (IDR).

High-end awards in private services cause upper quartile to ascend

Higher inflation and labour shortages in key areas are having an impact on pay awards, with the median rising a little to 2.2% for the three months to October

Half of employers anticipate awarding higher pay rises next year

Strengthening pay pressures are likely to result in higher pay rises for many staff in 2022 as organisations endeavour to return to business as usual in the aftermath of the pandemic

Over two-fifths of pay awards are worth 4% or more

The National Living Wage and rising inflation are having an impact on pay awards, with the median rising from 3.0% to 3.5% for the three months to April 2022, and the upper quartile rising by much more