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Slowdown produces variety of outcomes

While the recession associated with the coronavirus has begun to affect pay reviews, it is still the case that results are relatively widely distributed.

Salaries for newly-qualified solicitors rise significantly

Our recent survey of in-house legal staff pay shows that the typical salary for a newly-qualified solicitors has risen by 31.7% since our last survey in 2017

The IDR Job Evaluation Scheme

The IDR job evaluation scheme is an analytical scheme that uses a straightforward and user-friendly approach to enable all types of jobs, from manual work to complex management and specialist posts, to be analysed and evaluated against seven key factors.

Many firms are focussing on employee benefits

Pay awards have been maintained in many areas but are under pressure in others due to the current economic climate. Meanwhile, many firms are focussing on employee benefits.

Help your employees stay productive and minimise stress

IDR provides a number of suggestions for you to share with your employees to help them stay productive whilst keeping stress levels as low as possible during these unprecedented times.

Understanding changes in gender pay gap figures

In recently days there have been numerous reports of gender pay gaps growing and here we explore how this occurs.

How to improve gender pay gaps

‘What we need is little less research and a lot more action’, an authority on equal pay legislation confided to me at a university research conference we were both speaking at to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of the Equal Pay Act.

Trades and maintenance roles in housing and social care

In Autumn 2019, IDR conducted a study of pay rates for nine key trades and maintenance roles within the housing and social care sector, including painters and decorators, carpenters and joiners, electricians and plumbers.

What should be included in a job description?

The job description helps to ensure that a company receives applications from strong matches for the required role and assists applicants in applying for the position. Here are 8 concise steps to help you define the process:

The NLW from 2020

IDR reviews the various likely scenarios for the National Living Wage from 2020 onwards.