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Annual rate of earnings growth hits 7.3% across the economy

The annual rate of growth in average earnings was 7.3% in the three months to May 2021, compared to the three months to May 2020 on the total pay measure.

Non-UK employment hardest-hit by pandemic

Figures from the Labour Force Survey reveal that direct employment for UK-born workers grew overall during 2020, while self-employment for these workers appeared to bear the brunt of the effects of the pandemic and the associated economic slowdown.

Pay gap reporting continues despite regulatory hiatus

IDR’s latest survey on pay gap reporting shows that the majority of employers continued to publish their gender pay gap figures in 2020, despite the Government’s suspension of the regulations due to COVID19.

Issue 26, September 2021

This issue features our special annual look at the year ahead, based on your responses to our survey of prospects for pay and conditions.

Has the pandemic changed anything?

In this bulletin we don’t generally talk much about employees themselves, or at least not directly. Instead we discuss what might happen to them, chiefly in terms of whether the wages they receive could rise at a higher or lower rate than previously.

Formula for MPs’ pay rises suspended for 3 years

The ONS, responded to the consultation and commentary from it and other bodies (including IDR) on the continued impact of the pandemic on the statistics was central to IPSA opting to vary future pay rises away from those indicated by the previous formula.