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Public sector pay restraint is dead, nearly…

The recent review body awards indicate that the longest period of public sector pay restraint in the history of the UK is almost over.

Earnings growth strengthens to 3.7% in June

Average weekly earnings growth strengthened to 3.7% in June, up from 3.5% in May.

RPI continues to fall but other measures rise

Inflation continues to fall on the RPI but has risen on the other measures, according to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics.

Is the labour market softening?

Employment growth is slowing whilst unemployment has risen, along with a continuing fall in vacancies according to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Pay Planning for 2020

This exclusive report contains IDR’s annual analysis of the outlook for pay and benefits over the next 12 months.

Issue 18, September 2019

Pay Climate is an information service providing you with up-to-date analysis of pay awards and other reward measures across the economy. This regular bulletin keeps you and your team at the forefront of pay expertise and trends.

Understanding changes in gender pay gap figures

In recently days there have been numerous reports of gender pay gaps growing and here we explore how this occurs.

Four upcoming HR events in the UK

It’s no surprise that conferences and exhibitions have become one of the most popular ways to network so we’ve trawled the upcoming offerings to share with you in one handy place.

Average earnings growth rate reaches 4.0%

The rate of growth in average weekly earnings for the whole economy reached 4.0% in the July figures released by the ONS on 10 September.

Labour market still strong on core measures but vacancies are down

While the employment rate remains at a record-high level, employment growth continues to slow down. And although unemployment shows a fall, vacancy numbers have also fallen again, according to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics

Company car tax and mileage allowances

Company cars remain a popular employee benefit: research we conducted for the Benefits Handbook