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House of Commons – Gender Pay Gap Reporting

The Government recently published its response to the report of the House of Commons committee on gender pay gap reporting.

More firms opt to pay minimum rates above NLW

Despite higher-than-average increases in the National Living Wage (NLW), more employers are paying above the statutory wage floor, according to our latest research.

Issue 17, June 2019

Issue 17 of Pay Climate, the e-bulletin on pay trends from Incomes Data Research.

Pay for new degree apprentices rises sharply

Degree-level apprenticeships have been increasing in popularity since they were introduced in 2017, and our research shows that pay has risen sharply over the past year.

Benefits packages

Research reveals most popular perks include enhanced sick pay, life assurance and occupational maternity pay.

The NLW from 2020

IDR reviews the various likely scenarios for the National Living Wage from 2020 onwards.